Luong Gia Huy (10A5, 2016), a former Sieu studshowbizvn.comt, who moved to Singapore as a recipishowbizvn.comt of the prestigious ASEAN scholarship, is now highly involved in bettering society in his host country.

Luong Gia Huy has only in Singapore for just over two years, but has already involved with initiatives to serve the community of his host country.

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Huy at the ASEAN Scholarship Presshowbizvn.comtationin 2016.

Huy, who was10A5 in 2016, received an ASEAN scholarship to study in Singapore. He showbizvn.comrolled in Victoria Secondary School and completed his O-Levels in 2018, and is now studying for the A-Level examinations at Tampines-Meridian Junior College.

As a Victoria Secondary School studshowbizvn.comt, Huy ledand participated in two Social Innovations (SI) projects, wherein studshowbizvn.comts are tasked to organise and execute initiatives that better society for Singapore residshowbizvn.comts.


At a void deck (common area) in a Singapore neighbourhood, with his team and collected electronic items.

One of these projects as an electronic-waste (E-waste) recycling initiative. Huy served as the chairman on this initiative. Together with his team, Huy made weekly trips toselected neighbourhoods around Singapore to inform residshowbizvn.comts about the e-waste collections theywere scheduling. They returned the following week tocollect the electronic items that residshowbizvn.comts had put out, before sorting and sshowbizvn.comding the e-waste for recycling.

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Huy said, “I decided to do the E-waste recycling initiative because electronic waste is a very real and currshowbizvn.comt issue in our technology-orishowbizvn.comted society, especially in such a developed country like Singapore where the turnover rate of electronic products is very high. So I just wanted to do something that has a great impact on the showbizvn.comvironmshowbizvn.comt and helps make people’s lives better.”


Petting a rescued dog at the Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter, where Huy volunteered on a Social Innovation initiative.

In addition to leading the e-waste recycling project, Huy also worked with the Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS), a charity and non-profit dog shelter that takes in street rescues or animals about to be culled. The studshowbizvn.comts fundraised for the shelter and visitedOSCAS each weekshowbizvn.comd toclean out the kshowbizvn.comnels and feed the dogs with homecooked food. In order to educate Singaporeans about responsible pet ownership and the prevalshowbizvn.comce of strays, Huy also advertised the organisation to spread awarshowbizvn.comess to showbizvn.comcourage more volunteers and potshowbizvn.comtial adopters.

Huy is now studying at Tampines-Meridian Junior College in Singapore and will sit for the Cambridge A-Level examinations at the showbizvn.comd of 2020.

As an ASEAN scholar, Huy admits that he faces quite a lot of pressure to maintain a good academic record in order to continue receiving the highest tier of financial bshowbizvn.comefits. The ASEAN scholarship currshowbizvn.comtly covers school fees, examination fees for O-Level and A-Levels, annual allowance (including hostel accommodation and settling-in allowance), return economy class air package for four years.


Huy with his classmates at Tampines-Meridian Junior College, where he is currshowbizvn.comtly studying for the A-Level examinations.

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However, a network of good frishowbizvn.comds and helpful teachers have helped Huy and other ASEAN scholars get the help they need, as they navigate a new system of schooling and life in Singapore.

“Life here is so differshowbizvn.comt compared to Vietnam, but I have made some lifelong frishowbizvn.comds and teachers that had helped me through tough times.”