No one wears an offbeat outfit better than Soo Joo Park. The model’s ability to take on tricky-to-pull-off trends has made her an essential part of both classically-minded Chanel shows, and kitschy Jeremy Scott runway presentations. Off-duty, Park’s wardrobe is the stuff of dreams, brimming with one-of-a-kind Chanel pieces, vintage sourced from around the globe, and an excess of statement accessories. Under normal circumstances, such bold fashion would be captured by street style photographers, but since the COVID-19 crisis began, Park has taken her eclectic approach to dressing indoors.

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Currently at home in her New York apartment, the South Korea-born, California-raised model relies on uplifting colors and quality materials to stay comfortable. “I’m trying to keep my spirit up by wearing lots of pastel tones and bright shades,” Park shared with via email. “I only wear fabrics that stretch or are soft and luxurious to lounge all day in.” Her guidelines allow for variety—as long as there’s no denim. “Since the third day of quarantine, I haven’t touched any jeans,” she says. “They are usually my go-to.” Here, Park offers a recap of a week’s worth of looks, from breezy silk dresses to Zoom-worthy costume jewelry.


Photo: Courtesy of Soo Joo Park


Catching up on all my backlogged issues of The New Yorker, then probably taking a nap.

Reading, wearing all white, Crocs, and silk fabric are things that bring me a sense of calm. 

Silk white dress, SIR. Silk white scarf and pearl necklace, Chanel. Shoes, Crocs.


Photo: Courtesy of Soo Joo Park


Grocery shopping. Don’t forget to wear gloves!

I love being playful with my looks. The stretch in this cotton seersucker makes this dress super comfortable and fun. Since the dress is quite simple and full coverage, I pair it with accessories with interesting details, like these pom-pom earrings and long gloves. 


This bag is a Christmas gift from the Chanel team. I was eyeing it at a fitting last year, and they remembered! I painted these Nike sneakers at an event in Seoul last fall. To me, the sentimental value of things is what makes the pieces in your wardrobe valuable. 

Dress, Nomia. Earrings, Tuleste. Crochet tote bag and Coco Crush rings, Chanel. Glasses, Gentle Monster. Sneakers, Nike. 


Photo: Courtesy of Soo Joo Park


Take the trash out, but make it sporty cool.

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I bought this arty silk print shirt designed by a young Greek designer from Opening Ceremony. These sock shoes are from Ilysm, which is a progressive collective that my friend Jenna Elizabeth is part of. They have a zine, a merch shop, and a COVID grant-relief program for young artists. These shoes are made with sustainable yarn and recycled rubber materials from other sneaker models. The leopard bucket hat and python print bikini is a gentle nod to Tiger King, a COVID quarantine hit, and the orange visor is an ode to my Korean mom who wears insane sun visors and protection gears whenever she goes outside. 

Silk print shirt, Serapis Maritime. Leopard bucket hat, Rulan Baginsky. Sunglasses and visor, Gentle Monster. Cuffs, necklace, and Coco Crush rings, Chanel. Bikini top, Solid & Striped. Nylon track pants, Prada. Socks, Huf. Shoes, Ilysm.jpg. Phone case, Velvet Caviar.


Photo: Courtesy of Soo Joo Park


Time for contemplation and some solitary record listening. 

Here I’m holding an LP from one of my favorite bands, the Chromatics. This bucket hat is a gift from Anna who I have so much respect for. The stretchy floral two-piece is from the Danish designer duo Saks Potts. I love that it feels like a vintage piece. Head-to-toe floral prints can be intimidating to try, but can work incredibly well with other busy patterns. 

Bucket hat, Anna Sui. Floral top and bottom, Saks Potts.

Photo: Courtesy of Soo Joo Park


Nowhere to go but feeling festive. Why not try on all the Chanel jewelry I collected throughout my modeling career? 

What more can I say? Chanel is every woman’s fantasy, and I’ve been so fortunate to work with them throughout my career. I’m a very lucky girl. But I also work very hard for it. 

Black hair bow, mini handbag, Costume, and fine jewelry, all Chanel. Phone case, Chaos.

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Photo: Courtesy of Soo Joo Park


Quarantine Disco! 

I first met Scott Studenberg at Baja East five years ago and we instantly connected. He designs perfect luxury-casual-wear for lounging and has a great sense of humor and this hat from his last resort collection proves that. He made a custom mechanically functioning version for Billy Porter to the Grammys! I fell in love with this Bottega Veneta silk jumpsuit the moment I saw it. I call it my Parisian Night Suit (any Freaks & Geeks fans?). It’s so comfortable, but I’m terrified to wear it because I get stains on everything I wear. 

Crystal fringe bucket hat, Baja East. Silk onesie, Bottega Veneta. Slippers, Esther Kim. Bra, Fleur Du Mal. 

Photo: Courtesy of Soo Joo Park


Lounge all day 

Tie-dye is a great creative activity you can do while in quarantine. It’s satisfying and full of unpredictable happy accidents. Danielle from Dannijo sent me this dress as is, but I’ve been doing some tie-dying on my own as well on white socks, shirts, and clothes I’m tired of. 

Pink mesh turtleneck, The Ragged Priest. Silk slip dress, Dannijo. Pink pouch necklace, Fendi. Coco Crush rings, Chanel. 

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