Hi i’ve recently started playing ranked with my main champions (Rammus and Eve). I’ve always had a problem dealing with Jungle Lee Sin, I find he puts out way more pressure early than me, and in a countergank scenario he always kicks my ass. Same if he decides to counter jungle, and unless i’m super fed I can’t really invade on him early-mid because of his strength.

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I’m wondering how to best make Lee Sin’s life hard in the jungle. What sort of strategies work against him?

My Champion pool is pretty large, so if there’s any particular champion who is good VS Lee Sin just let me know i’m sure I can practice them.


Rammus is pretty weak early, so you have to ward jungle entrances to avoid getting counterjungled (or killed at one of your camps).

With Eve you should make plays on the opposite side of where Lee is.

When facing Lee it’s kind of important to ping him if you spot him counterjungling and hoping your team closes in on him for an easy kill. It all depends how much pressure his team is putting on the map as well. Since if your botlane is pushed into their tower, they won’t be able to help without losing cs.

It’s my humble opinion.

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In lower tiers most Lee Sin players will try to open ganks using Q, and often have very predictable gank paths (camp > buff > buff > mid/top), opening him up to counterganks. Lower tiered Lee Sin players also probably won’t build Cinderhulk, making them very squishy and easily punished. Just don’t 1v1 the Lee Sin and snowball bot lane early game, as Lee Sin has trouble ganking bot lane pre lvl 6/pre sighstone unless the lane is super pushed or there is no vision.

You can also do lvl 2 invades on the enemy buff and kill Lee. This works against EVERY jungler, and is a very easy way to get first blood. Early first blood vs the enemy jungler can often let you snowball the game like crazy. example

Source: D4 Lee Sin main

Which champions would you say are best at winning a Lv2 duel with Lee? I’ve been from the school of thought that Lee is the strongest early game jungler in terms of dueling.

What damage items would you want with cinderhulk lee sin? I’ve always been starting warrior to make use of his strong early game
Xin Zhao jungle is great vs. Lee Sin. Xin can easily fight Lee early game, and I would argue that Xin scales harder than Lee.

Thanks, this was a match up I was particularly wondering about because Xin is one of the champions I have a better handle of.

well with Eve just avoid his (probable) early invade and then outscale him and abuse your vision power (no pun intended on the blind guy :D). With Rammus just… roll with it (ahah this one was intended, i’m sorry… I hate myself) On a more serious note, just get cinderhulk and thornmail with mobis. Profit.

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Just pick a jungler that out scales him hard, almost all junglers out scale him. Some good ones are gragas, volibear, vi, amumu.


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